Welcome to TalkonGlobe

Hello everyone! My name is Julie.  Welcome to TalkonGlobe, a discussion group cross the border using MIT WORLD.

Before I go on further, let me a bit more explain what it is.

1. What is it?

So, first of all I shoult give a bit more background of this project. This year I”ve strated to do self education project for computers science, and it has been great so far. I’ve been taking a lot of advantage of using all lectures, materials from MIT, UC Berkely, Harvard, Standford and so on.

However, I felt a lack of sharing ideas as I’ve carried on, and I came up with this idea to create a form of dicussion group around the world. I could meet up people in my region, but I thought this international discussion group would be better in terms of sharing more diverse opinions.

It is very simple group. Let’s meet up and talk about what we think!

– So…  How?

Good question. First I think of MIT WORLD since it contains quite useful seminar videos, but any members are more than welcome to suggest other source of video to watch.

1. During the week, members watch the video that is selected by a memeber. The topic of the week will be chosen by each member each week. It doesn’t have to be only about computer science/engineering stuff.
2. Members meet up once a week(or once in 2 weeks) via skype for 30 min or 1 hour to talk about the video, topic and basically share the ideas.
3. Each group comprises 4 people at most.

– Some stuff to keep in mind

Well, since it is not death serious company meeting type of thing, I don’t want to make any rules. But there is a few things that I think it would be important to consider.

1. All members are cosiderate and respectful to other people’s opinion(constructive criticism only)
-> Open mind 🙂
2. Be prepared for the meeting
-> Though, as I’ve said, it is not for serious discussion, it is obviously required to prepare what to talk about, how to say about the topic and so on.
3. Try to be persistent
-> I think it is important though I know it could be hard sometimes due to various reasons. Many plans or groups are stared with a grand plan, and its activies get subsided since it is hard to make it last.
However, it would be very beneficial if memebers are trying to make it last

Ok, are you set? Not yet?

Please comment if you have any question or suggestion for this project!